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Michael Meszaros' Biography

Michael Meszaros is a professional engineer with his masters in Fire Protection Engineering. He is also a singer / songwriter with a CD expected to be released in the summer of 2015. Michael Meszaros

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On a fun and personal note, Michael's love story is noted below:

Love Story

"Then I met Cynthia. I was introduced to her by her best friend, Malou, who I knew from work and who began booking for me. Malou thought that booking was closer to what Cynthia liked so she tried to connect Cynthia and me for music. Little did we know that she had a secret agenda too. She introduced us in August. By October, Cynthia was booking gigs around Vancouver and Calgary for me. We kept everything very business-like; but then December came around... We were engaged in January! In around February, I found out some of her list of things that she was looking for in a guy.

Guess what number one was? A committed Christian. Not just any Christian -- but a very committed one! Now consider her chances of meeting this person. Currently, there are about 3% of Vancouverites who go to church. Let's assume half of these she could consider as being really committed. Thatís 1.5% of all of Vancouver. Of course we need to half this again because only half are male, so we have just eliminated 99.25% of Vancouverís population! That's just criteria one!

Criteria two was that she wanted a musician. Would you say maybe 30% of those who fit criteria one are musicians? Thatís 0.225% of all the people in Vancouver.

Now that's assuming she meets everyone in Vancouver! How many people would you say we meet in our lives on a level that we would have a chance to begin a relationship with? Maybe 4,000 of 2,000,000 Vancouverites? That means she will only meet 0.2% of the 0.225% possibilities. That's 0.00045%!

Criteria three, an engineer.

Criteria four, someone who is romantic. Five, someone who is good at English. Six, can cook. Seven, tall and slim, between heights 5'-7" and 6'-1"! Eight, loves to dance!

May 24, we were married!

Michael Meszaros

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