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Everything To Me

A friend of mine called me one day and said he was engaged! Would I write a song for him to sing to his bride as she walked down the aisle? I agreed.

To help me get some ideas for the song, I asked him what he liked about her and he said, “Everything!”

Almost as soon as I put the phone down, the chorus came to me, “Everything to me, you are. Everything.”

One of the most beautiful things about their relationship, I think, was his love for and from her children. I think one of the most difficult things about divorce and remarriage is that kids may not like or accept the new spouse as their parent. For my friend, he had been best friends with her family for 12 years and was known by her two kids fondly as “Uncle”.

For him, he had told both her and her husband at the time that if he ever got married, he wanted to marry someone just like her. For her, when she became husbandless, she only wanted to remarry if she had known the person for a long time. What a perfect match!

For them, the original bridge speaks of his heart to her and her children:

"The two stars in your life
Have become the jewels in my heart.
I loved them before, and now,
I love them more than ever.
I’ll protect you, be your defense, and shelter.
Shower you with love most tender.
You’re inside my heart my love, my everything."

Michael Meszaros