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Testimonies From Other Religions

  1. Catholic became a Christian:

    Cynthia's Story from a Catholic to a born-again Christian!
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  2. Buddhist became a Christian:

    From a Buddhist to a Follower of Jesus!
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  3. Sikh became a Christian:

    Sikh Businessman converted to Christianity
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  4. Hindu became a Christian:
    Hindu Brahmin Accepts Christ
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  5. Muslim became a Christian:
    Imam converts after reading about JESUS IN THE Quran
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  6. Iranian Muslim became a Christian:
    Iranian Muslim Leader Accepts Jesus
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  7. North American Muslim became a Christian:
    Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus
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  8. Atheist became a Christian:
    How the Origin of Life Points to the Existence of God
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  9. Mormon became a Christian:
    Former False Prophet Talks about Mormonism and Feelings
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  10. I would like to become a Christian: I would like to start knowing Jesus

  11. I would like to learn more about Christianity: Read a chaper of the Bible once every 2 weeks


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